The following conditions describe the principles of use and the functioning of Reservation System


Reservation terms

Document used to describe realization of services with are offered on the web pages of reservation system. Reservation terms are also an agreement made between the Operator and the Client.

Application Form

A standard application form formulated, with an electronic version available, for preparing single standard reservations, cancellation of overnight reservations or accessing other services available on the system.


User is a person with private status who is aware of the laws and physics of the Civil Code.


User is a person with private status who is aware of the laws and physics of the Civil Code who uses booked service.

Travel Operator

Polish Travel Quo Vadis LTD. (PTQV), located in Warsaw, 2 Ptasia St.

Hotel Reservation: tel. (+48 22) 322 85 00

Air Tickets: tel. (+48 22) 322 85 95

Help 24h/day: tel. (+48) 693 693 008

Headquarters Biuro: tel. (+48 22) 322 85 85

Sales Department: tel. (+48 22) 850 59 65

Registered in National Court of Registry - Enterprise Registry numbered: KRS 0000148731 registered by District Court of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIIth Economical Department of the National Court of Registry; Number of tax identification: 526-021-13-86; Stock of capital: 252 000 zl. IATA Agent nr: 63-2 1003 3

Signed to Central Evidence of Touristic Organisers and Touristic Intermediaries on date of 22.02.2000, registration number 1701-14.


Document which confirms agreement between user and Operator made in reservation system according to accepted application form and booking conditions.


  1. Reservations are made on system only by correctly filling in the application form and sending it with the services chosen.
  2. In the event of incorrectly completing the application form the user bears all personal responsibility for any outcomes.
  3. Prices shown in the system are per room/apartment per one night, including breakfast and TAX. If a particular offer does not include breakfast or include other services this information is shown in the price description while making reservations.
  4. All local taxes should be paid by the Client directly in the hotel.
  5. Any additional services (for example: additional nights, pay television or mini bar) not included in the original reservation request have to be paid by the User on the spot at the hotel.
  6. The basis currency is the Polish Zloty (PLN). The price presented in EURO and USD is converted at closing rate at the end of each day. Any minor discrepancy in the price is due to the various exchange rates applied by the credit card authorization service center or the bank.
  7. For reservations made in this system, the Operator des not guarantee granting points by Hotels and discounts in any loyalty program offered directly in Hotel.
  8. Clients making reservation in the name of another person (clients) accepts the responsibility of keeping the terms of agreement by this person.



  1. The price confirmed in the application form and voucher is final and cannot be changed with reservation of paragraph 2.
  2. The price may change in case of the supplied documentary evidence under the influence of higher prices in the following circumstances: taxes or growing rates of currencies. In the period less than 20 days before the start of stay, the price cannot rise.
  3. Client is obliged to pay 100% advance payment not more than 7 days after agreement signing (reservation confirmation) but not later than:
    1. 2 working days before the day that the stay starts - in case of making payment via credit card;
    2. 3 working days before the day that stay starts - in case of making payment via bank or mail transfer.

Credit Card

  1. In the case of making payment via credit card, the user is obliged to enter and complete all the required credit card details:
    1. name and surname of the card owner;
    2. type of credit card;
    3. credit card number;
    4. date of credit card validity (month and year);
    5. code CVV2/CVC2 (3 last numbers placed on the back of the card on signing strip).
  2. The authorization and charging process is executed on the website through a secure encoded 128-bit protocol system that is directly connected to eCard. Transaction with given credit card details is fully secured. Data from credit card after its use are steadily code. ATTENTION! False data of the card (wrong number or validation date) will cause rejection of the transaction.
    Using somebody else credit card is a crime against property and it subjects punishment of imprisonment (article 278 paragraph 1 of Penal Code). Any attempts of making such a crime are immediately report by the Operator to organs of chasing.
  3. The required amount owing will be charged through the system from the credit card during a 7 days period from the making of the booking but no later than 2 working days before arrival.
  4. In the case of the lack of funds on the credit card, the amount due towards the payment of the reservation, the reservation becomes ineffective what is equivalent to breaking the agreement by the Client.

Bank Transfer

In the case of a bank transfer payment, the user is required to send the bank transfer confirmation via fax on: (022) 6521461 or (022) 6522113 no later than 3 days prior to the commencement of the service. In case of not making payment the reservation is invalid what is equivalent wit breaking the agreement by the Client.

The recipients' details are as follows:

Polish Travel Quo Vadis Ltd.,

Ptasia 2 St., 00-138 Warsaw,

mBank, SWIFT: BREXPLPWWA1, BIC :11401010, iBAN : PL
bank account for PLN: 07 1140 1010 0000 5467 0500 1001
bank account for USD: 50 1140 1010 0000 5467 0500 1003
bank account for EUR: 77 1140 1010 0000 5467 0500 1002
bank account for GBP: 23 1140 1010 0000 5467 0500 1004


  1. The system includes services available On-Line, confirmed automatically on the basis of the special allotment services reserved for the User, as well as services entailing the Operator's confirmation.
  2. In the case of a required confirmation by the Operator, the confirmation is sent within a 2 day working period to the e-mail address specified in the reservation form.
  3. The confirmation includes data confirming the reservation or the notification of no vacancies at the indicated period. After receiving the confirmation the reservation is considered as being ended.


  1. Operator is obliged to set a VAT invoice immediately after receiving payment with reservation of paragraph 2. or to 7 days from the date that service ended.
  2. For the private status person Operator is obliged to send VAT invoice only "on demand".
  3. According to act about taxes from commodity and services (art.119) Operator is obliged to set Vat invoice mark-up.
  4. If the Client want fill the essential data for the invoice, the Operator will recognize that the reservation was made by a person with private status who did not want to have a VAT invoice.


  1. The Operator is not accountable for the unavailability to access the reservation system, for security or any other reason regardless of the contributing Operator.
  2. The Operator holds the right to refuse access to the system for matters of security and any inaccurate irregularities.
  3. When the realization of reserved service is impossible Operator is obliged to report it immediately to the Client.
  4. The Operator is obliged to provide service that is not of a lower standard and at the time described in the application form when the realization of the reservation is impossible to execute from the reasons independent from Operator.
  5. In that case Client should immediately refer to Operator if He confirms proposed change or resigns from agreement with immediate return of all costs. The return of costs will be made in the same form that the payment was made, that means via bank transfer or by recognition on credit card.
  6. Client can agree for realization of the service in lower standard, in that case He will get the immediate return of the difference in costs.
  7. Client can transmit the service to another person without the knowledge of the Operator if this person will simultaneously accept all responsibilities described in agreement. It is essential that the Client will report it to the Operator before the date of cancelation, consistent with conditions from order or offer.
  8. Operator is responsible for not executing the service or executing the service inproperly.
  9. The Operator limits responsibility for not executing the agreement or executing it inproperly to double cost of the event for any client. This limitation does not refer to damages on person.
  10. The Operator isn`t responsible for not making or for the inproper execution of the agreement if it was caused by:
    1. clients operation;
    2. operation of third person, not participating in execution of the services expected in agreement, if it was impossible to forecast or escape of this operations;
    3. upper force.
  11. The limitation shown in paragraph 9 does not dismiss Operator from responsibility of assisting the injured client in the time of the service.
  12. Hereby Operator confirms having the insurance agreement for Tour Operator according to obligatory regulations.


  1. Client have a right to cancel the reservation after referring it to the Operator via mail.
  2. If Client resigns from service from reasons independent from the Operator, the Operator has the right to demand equivalent of the real costs in a sum not higher than calculated on rules reveled in paragraph 2, incurred to operations connected with cost of reservation made by the Operator. In account of amount due to payment, Operator has taken into consideration costs saved and the opportunity of other utilization of service. This amouns includes payments for cancelations which Operator incur revealing to realization of this agreement. Client can ask the Operator to show the individual enumeration of incurred costs.
  3. The costs of resigning from agreement are:
    1. 50 PLN (about 12 EUR) - when resigning from service to 72 hours before the first day of the bed reservation or other service;
    2. 90% of cost of the first day of stay ( in case of reservation of bed ) or 90% of cost of whole reservation ( in case of reservation of other service ), when cancelation will be made 72 hours or less before the start of the service;
    3. 95% of cost of reservation, when Client resigns from reservation, but the cancelation wasn`t made by filling and sending the cancelation form;
    4. 95% of cost of reservation, when Client want show or want take advantage of the service in established time of the service, without making earlier changes.
  4. When cancelation refers to reservation of special offer and description of the price includes other information about cancelation than in point 1 of the above paragraph, then for obligating is recognized description from this offer. If offer includes clause "Caution!!! Special offer!!!..." Client cannot make no cost cancelation.
  5. In case of making reservation shorter while staying in Hotel the Operator will use the same conditions and terms like in case of cancelation.
  6. In case of cancelation due sum is returned on credit card or bank account of the Client (in order to method of payment).
  7. Any change or cancelation should be commissioned on paper and must be authorized by the Operator.
  8. When Client want show or will start the service in other time and want refer it earlier to the Operator, Operator guarantee keeping the reservation not long than to 11 a.m. the next day if reservation was made for more than 1 day.
  9. Changes of place and term made 72 hours and less, before the first day of stay or other service are equivalent to cancelation of reservation and making new one with taking into consideration costs of cancelation described in point 3 of this paragraph.
  10. Client can make agreement of insurance from costs of resigning from agreement.


  1. When during the event ( stay in hotel, other service ) Client will defect ascertain executable of the agreement, he should immediately refer it to the Operator and executor of the service.
  2. All pretensions to incompatibility in agreement must be reveled on paper (with confirmation of receipt) in 30 days from day that service ended, to Operator on address Polish Travel Quo Vadis Sp. Z o.o., 2 Ptasia St., 00-138 Warsaw. After 30 days Client can report pretensions if without his blame he couldn`t keep this term. In this case Client should report pretensions immediately. Operator confirms reception of reclamation.
  3. Reclamations from Clients will be revealed by Operator in the time expected in obligatory law.


  1. Operator respects the right for privacy and protection of personal data of Users and Clients and hereby states that won`t make this information public.
  2. Making a reservation on the Internet website the User hereby agrees to have their personal data recorded in the system database of as well as the Operator - Polish Travel Quo Vadis Ltd. The recorded data will only be accessed for the purposes of the realization of a reservation, simplifying the process of making additional reservations as well as for marketing purposes in accordance with the full extent of the Polish Protection of Personal Privacy Law dated 29.08.1997.
  3. Used have right to view, modernization and delete his personal data.


Selecting the option "I Agree" indicates, that the Client understands and accepts the all the conditions of the Regulations. If the Client does not accept the conditions of the Regulations the result is a return to the main service page of


Hereby conditions of reservation were processed with civil code, act about touristic services, act about protection of some consumer rights and responsibility for cause made by dangerous products, act about protection of personal data, act about tax from commodities and services.


  1. In cases unsettled by the current Reservation Conditions employment has regulations from civil code and acts from paragraph XI.
  2. All disputes connected with services showed by Operator are decided by general court, objectively and locally proper according to act.
  3. Regulation is valid from the day of 26 of February 2010 to cancellation and obligatory endures all earlier.